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The Fatima: Your Last Chance is scheduled for May 2012 it is our latest International Fatima Conference to be held in Rome.

pictures-fatimachallengeThis new event is designed to build on the momentum of the historic Consecration Now! we held in Rome last year.


We all sense that world events are building to a climax. The year 2012 is seen by many as a
turning point in human and cosmic history. But we need no Mayan calendars, no astronomical
calculations, no psychic predictions to know that we have reached the end of the line, where
human wisdom has been exhausted.

Our Lady told Sister Lucy of Fatima that the devil is in “the mood for a final battle.” A

When asked about the Third Secret of Fatima, whose full contents are still being kept
from us, Sister Lucy said, “IT’S IN THE APOCALYPSE.” The Apocalypse is the last book of
the Bible. It tells what will happen in the End Times.

It is not given to any man to know the day and the hour when this
world will end, but we know that it will end. We are also Our Lord to “read the signs of the times.” Could Our Lady
of Fatima make the signs of the times any plainer?

Only the willfully blind can avoid the conclusion:



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